Intruder Alarms

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With burglaries in England at a record high, maybe it is time to think about installing an alarm system to protect your home or your business premises. In order to protect ourselves, our belongings and our properties, installing alarm systems are the only way to deter people from breaking in. By installing an intruder alarm, you are not only protecting your possessions, but also deterring any unwanted visitors!

Your burglar alarm (intruder alarm) will provide you with a warning to let you know if your property is being broken into. It can also let a neighbour or even a remote monitoring centre know that an intrusion is taking place.

At XGS Systems, we can design the perfect intruder alarm system for your home, garage, shop or business premises. No matter what size building you own, you can be assured that we can install a system to suit your needs.

All of the systems we install are compliant with British and European standards, these systems all comply with our NSI registration.

Our systems can be installed bespoke to your individual needs, giving you complete peace of mind that your home or work place is protected to a high standard.

At XGS Systems our monitoring centre is fully independent and compliant and we use “01” telephone numbers, which is free for customers on their telephone plans.

We have accounts with a range of wholesalers, which in turn gives our customers the widest choice of intruder systems that are available. Our engineers can install cable or wireless systems, all of which are of high standard. We will advise you of the system that would best suit your premises.