Fire Alarms

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We are an Essex based company that specialise in fire alarms, also known as smoke alarms, so we understand the importance of having a fire alarm system installed in your premises. We can install fire detection and alarm systems, which comply with the relevant British and European standards at a competitive price. Early detection saves lives and ensures the safe evacuation of members of staff on your premises. This early detection also saves valuable time, which means that the amount of fire damage will be minimised.

We can help to ensure your employees and premises are protected and that you as an employer are complying with the latest fire safety regulations.

There are many types of fire alarm systems available, these also include wireless solutions. These are easy to install and can be installed anywhere within your property.

Fire evacuation systems are important to all premises. They enable you as an employer to control who is in or out of the building, and you can easily see if a visitor, employee or customer is on the premises should a fire alarm sound and make sure everyone is accounted for.

Advantages To Having A Fire Alarm

Your fire alarm can detect a fire as soon as it starts. This will help to save the lives of anyone within your property.

  • It will minimise the amount of fire damage to important documents and expensive equipment.
  • A building can be evacuated quickly once the alarm has been activated.
  • Your fire alarm can be installed quickly and with as little disruption as possible.
  • Wireless fire alarm – Because this type of alarm system is battery operated, it will work even if there is a power cut.

Our expert team are highly skilled in the installation and maintenance of all types of fire systems. They will work with you to see which system is more suitable for your premises. We can install systems from a basic level right through to a large modern system. All our systems are designed and installed with the highest standard of equipment, which ensures that your system will be effective and reliable at all times.

At XGS we would be happy to take over existing service contracts installed by other firms, the only exception to this would be any closed protocol systems that have been installed by other firms.

We recommend that these security systems will need to be serviced as follows:

  • Fire alarms – once or twice per year
  • Emergency lights – once per year
  • Fire extinguishers – once per year

Give us a call to discuss your fire alarm system requirements further, we can advise you in what systems will work for you and your company or premises and will work within the budget you have in mind.

At XGS we are committed to quality and you in turn will receive a high level of service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms