Most of our business customers are prompted to find a reliable security company by their insurance company. They are requested to get a security or fire system fitted with a red care and a service contract with an NSI company; this is where we come in.

In most cases, we need to attend the site to assess the property before any alarm systems can be fitted. This is all free of charge.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we get asked by our new customers that require our security systems.

Why should I have a security system installed?

There are many reasons why you should have a new security system installed. The main one being it is an excellent way to protect your work premises and your staff and also your property and all your possessions.

It is also installed to deter any potential trespassers too. Some Insurance companies also require an alarm to be installed in order for your policy to be validated; in some instances, it also reduces your premiums.

Will there be much disruption while the work is being carried out?

With any work that is carried out, there is always a little bit of disruption but all of our engineers are highly skilled and very experienced and will be totally respectful to your site and your staff. We always clear up once we have finished a job and will leave your property just as we found it

How trustworthy is your engineers? Can I go out whilst you do the work?

Our engineers are very trustworthy. They are all CRB checked and of course, customer’s confidentiality is standard policy to us. We pride ourselves on our reputation so as long as you are happy to leave us alone on site with a contact number for emergencies then we are happy to do the work and contact you once we have finished.

Are security systems expensive to install?

It does not have to be expensive. The prices may vary due to what you would like us to do. We can be flexible on payments to suit a customer’s requirements and budgets i.e. in instalments; we can also offer leasing, finance etc. It is hard to put a price on security!

How quick is the process?

Being a small but very successful company, we can be more flexible and always do our best to fit into the customers schedule/dates. So just let us know what you would like and when you would like it to be installed and we will do our best to fit you in as near to this date as possible.

It seems to be the norm in the industry that for some reason the security/fire system is thought of last when a business is opening, quite often a customer will ask for a quote on Wednesday then say stock is coming on the Friday,

Are your installation/systems to standard? Is your company approved?

Yes, they will be installed and maintained to all the relevant BS and EN standards. Our company is approved. We are audited twice a year by the NSI. The audit is not only just a paperwork exercise but they will also go out to sites where we have worked on systems to check our workmanship and to confirm that the system conforms to all the necessary standards.

Will my insurance premiums go down if I have a system installed?

This really does vary with each insurance company and your geographical area, however most will give you a discount if you have a valid service contract with an NSI approved company such as XGS Systems.

Most of our customers contact us after a request from their insurance company to have a security or fire system fitted. They will require you to hold a current service contract with an NSI registered company. We can assess your site and adapt to your insurance companies requirements, that way everyone is happy!

I have a system installed by another company which are no longer around, can you take over the repairs/servicing?

Absolutely yes! Most systems are perfectly serviceable nowadays, there are only a few exceptions and they are usually the ones installed by the bigger companies, which have closed software, we can advise you once we have inspected what system you currently have installed.

I am unhappy with the prices and service I am getting from my current supplier, are you able to take it over?

Yes, it is a bit like switching you telephone or electricity suppliers, we can talk you through it with ease; it is easier than you think and will save you money in the long term. We are confident that we are competitive within the market with our level of service and price.

Can you quote over the telephone?

It is really hard to give you an exact quote over the phone, so we would recommend that we visit the site first and do a full site survey. This survey is free of charge. We can give you an approximate price over the telephone if you would prefer but it is important to note that it will be an estimate only.

Will it be a salesman that calls?

No, we do not use salespeople. No one is paid commission on what they sell. A member of the team that actually installs the security systems will come to see you. This way they can explain to you what will happen on the day and how much it will cost. They can also answer any question you may have about your new security system.

What if I get a problem out of normal working hours?

If you have a problem out of normal working hours, then you can contact our duty person. They can normally resolve any problems over the phone for you. Your system can even be reset remotely in conjunction with yourself and the monitoring centre.

My building is listed, but I still need a system can it be done?

In some cases, it can be done. There are various options including our wire free security systems. We are happy to work with you and the local planning department to come up with a system that suits everyone involved. Please contact us if you would like more information about this service.

I am interested in having a security system installed, what is the next step?

You can either give us a call or email us. We will then discuss with you your full requirements in more detail. We will then visit your site and provide you with a no obligation, free proposal that will detail all of our recommendations. If you are happy with the quote, we will then install your new security system.

If you need help or have a specific question that has not been answered for you here, then please do not hesitate in calling us on 01787 478405 or email us using the contacts page.

We are here to help!

Will there be much damage to my property during an installation?

We will always do our utmost to avoid any damage to your property while installation is taking place.

Will there be any disruption to my business during installation?

When any work is undertaken there is an element, but we will be as discreet as possible, tidy up after ourselves. An installation can also be planned to be done on your quiet day or for an extra charge out of your normal business hours.

What do you class as normal business hours?

Our normal business hours are usually between 0900 – 1700. If you have a problem outside of these hours, then you can still contact us if you need to.

Does an alarm still work in the event of a main failure?

Yes, the alarm will still work. Every security system has a standby rechargeable battery in the control panel in the event of a mains failure.

Are the Intruder Alarms that you install Insurance & Police approved?

Yes they are. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our intruder alarms.

Are you in an approved trade body?

Yes, we are National Security Inspectorate Silver Company.

What experience do your engineers have?

All our engineers have City & Guilds approved & have been in the industry for over 25 years.

Are your staff vetted?

Yes, all our staff have been vetted in line with NSI & Police procedures.

Can a Police response team be summonsed if my intruder alarm is activated?

Yes, a police response team can be requested by our Alarm Receiving Centre should two items of protection be activated known as a confirmed alarm.

I am with another provider but not happy can you take over my service & monitoring contract?

Yes, on most occasions we can take over the contract. We would like to visit the site to ascertain this.

Can you design a system around my pets?

Yes, of course we can. We can supply you with a pet immune motion detector. This will stop your pets from triggering your alarm. We can advise you on where to place the detectors when we visit your property.

How much does an alarm system cost?

Every system is unique, so the prices will vary. Please contact us to let us know what alarm system you require and we can give you an estimate to what it will cost.

Are there any running costs of an alarm system?

Depends on you and your insurance company’s full requirements I.E Service & Monitoring subscriptions. It can be a lot lower than you think. Please contact us if you would like more information about our alarm systems.

Is it mandatory to have a service contract?

No, it is not mandatory to have a service contract. We can install a system and you can just call us, as you require our services.

If you need help or have a specific question that has not been answered for you here, then please do not hesitate in calling us on 01787 478405 or email us using the contact page.

We are here to help!