Access Controls

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Access Control Systems are installed into buildings so that the owner or person in charge can see who is entering and leaving their property. The systems are also used to stops people that are not authorised from entering the building.

At XGS Systems, we are able to supply and install many different types of Access Control Systems, which will help to secure your assets, premises and employees.

Access Control Systems are designed to help you and your business

  • Keep your premises and organisation secure and reduce the risk of any potential burglars, thefts or trespassers
  • Overall increase in onsite security
  • Eliminates the need for a manually controlled system, therefore reducing your costs
  • Systems are computerised for increased convenience and security
  • Gives you peace of mind for improved security for your employees
  • You can see who is entering and leaving your property
Access Control

We can advise you on the type of system that best suits your company’s needs, all of the systems we install are reliable and robust.

We will oversee your project from the design process through to the installation of your system, our maintenance and management of your system is of the highest standard.

Access Control can be operated by remote control if this is something you require. This can include barriers, turnstiles, doors, lifts, car blockers, disabled access and gates.

These types of systems help you to keep in control and manage visitors to your company effectively. This can be accessed via your own PC.

On some occasions it may be necessary to involve a master locksmith should you door be unique. We can arrange this for you or you can contact your own locksmith.

Our systems can be easily interfaced into your fire system. If your fire alarm was activated, the door will just release itself, making it easier for people to evacuate the building. This is usually mentioned in your own site risk assessment.

Access Control

The key benefits and features of an Access Control System are:

  • Real and current time operation
  • Restrictions can be placed on any control point, which in turn can allow or prohibit selected staff from having access at any point in time
  • Ability to monitor groups, departments or individuals separately
  • Access monitoring and geographical mapping
  • Audit logs and archived transactions on the movements of visitors or employees in your company, this will also show where access has been denied or granted
  • There are three different types of cards that can be used at entry access points, magnetic stripe, close proximity and barcode
  • If an entry point is left open or if an unauthorised personnel attempts to gain access to any restricted area, an alarm will sound or a message will be flashed on your screen to warn you